Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 9 - Gorak Shep/ Kala Patthar/Everest Base Camp

Not to worry - we will update you on the days before the climax of the climb soon!

But here is the update for that day...

The team was split up into two groups. The first group - which was made up of boys (James Crabtree, Jared Martin, Calvin Chuang, Aaron Bartlett and James Carson) went up to Gorak Shep from Loubiche the day before as they were all feeling good despite the high altitude (4910m). The others (Desiree Lawson, Jody Lawson and Beryl Hartmann) went up early this morning since they felt they needed an extra day of recovery from suspected altitude sickness (more on group sickness later!). Anne and Philip decided to descend as they weren't feeling great with the altitude, but they did a great job making it as far as they did!

The girls left at 5.30am and made it to Gorak Shep at 7.15am which was really fast, but thanks to the porters and our guide. When we arrived at Gorak Shep, the boys were around after some had climbed Kala Patthar to watch sunrise over Mt. Everest. We had some tea, then went up Kala Patthar (viewpoint most people get to other than Base Camp itself) again as a group to get photographs while the weather was clear over Everest.

The boys went to Everest Base Camp the day before, so we didn't go again as a group. Instead the girls walked close to Base Camp to get a look at the tents which will be filled with Everest climbers in the next few days.

Sorry this is short, but will update more soon! Internet is expensive in Namche Bazar! But we're on the home stretch now, even flying back to Kathmandu a day early so everyone can put their feet up and get some nice foot massages... =)

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  1. Hey, well done to you all. Perhaps we can skype before P&A leave?