Sunday, March 14, 2010

16 days to go!

The team's flights are all booked to Nepal, backpacks and boots are being bought and hills are being walked up in preparation for our trek to Everest Base Camp. This next week we'll be preparing a visit to some of the woman's groups that ADRA Nepal is currently training with leadership skills, who have shown outstanding commitment to their communities by fixing up roads and bridges and fundraising money for health check ups. We will visit these communities to create a video to send people in Australia so they can see what we are fundraising for.

Our websites have been set up and the money is coming in. So far we have about $1000 that some very kind people have donated to our cause. If you would like to donate, please visit one of our colourful team member sites below:

Follow our blog to keep updated as we prepare and then real updates as it happens while we're on the trek!


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